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child adoption attorneyAdopting a child to add to your family is a legal battle that not many can pursue because of the complicated paperwork and process that it entails. The same can be said if you plan to get your child adopted because after an unplanned pregnancy.

The Law Office Of Kerya L. Koeut, P. A. is a family law firm here in Indian Rocks, which can help you with understanding how the process goes. Our lawyers can address any questions you may have about any family policy and ensure that you know what to expect. The team has a lot of experience as well to represent you during your legal battles and get the best resolution to your cases.

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Types of Adoption in Florida

Indian Rocks Adoption Lawyer affection baby baby girl beautiful 377058 300x199Adoption in Florida ensures that all parties – from the biological parents, adoptive parents to the child – are taken into account. The adoptive parents are the ones in charge of the child’s future, and biological parents are relinquishing their parental rights and the opportunity to see them forever. But, if the adoptive parents undergo open adoption, the biological parents can still visit and communicate with the child.

Any minor under 18 living within the state when the petition for adoption is filed can be adopted. Siblings can be adopted together. Adults can also be adopted, but it is more straightforward than adopting minors.

In Florida, four types of adoptions are possible and know which one applies to your situation:

  • Entity adoption – deals with children who are adopted with the help of an agency or intermediary.
  • Stepparent adoption – occurs if the person adopting the child is not related to the child but married to their biological parents.
  • Close relative adoption – happens if the person who wishes to adopt is a close relative of the child, for example, their uncle or grandparents.
  • Adult adoption – the person being adopted is an adult.

If you wish to learn more about these types of adoption, understand the legal requirements it entails or ask our assistance, you can call us at (727) 228-6263, and our team will look into your situation. Our team will also help you reach out to the proper authorities to start the adoption process.

Adoption Process in Florida

grandparent adoption FloridaTo adopt a child (or an adult) in Florida, the adoption court must receive proof that the child or adult in question can be adopted. If the biological parent can be contacted, they must present consent for adoption and surrender their rights to the child. The court may also request a hearing if the biological parent has abused the child or if the biological parents are not married. A hearing will not be required if the person to be adopted an adult, but they are advised to advise their legal/biological parents for the intent.

The length of the court decision for adoption varies depending on the type of adoption the petitioner has applied for. It may take three months or more for entity adoption, while stepparent and adult adoptions can happen immediately. Considering the different requirements per adoption, you need to consult a family law firm to make the adoption faster and understand the legalities surrounding the adoption.

Why Ask The Law Office Of Kerya L. Koeut, P. A.

child support and family law firmSince we opened our doors to families who wish to get legal support during their family law cases, we here at The Law Office Of Kerya L. Koeut, P. A. have been working hard to help out. Our talented and expert team of lawyers know every aspect of Florida law and will guide you through the entire process. We can also represent you in court and, in this case, represent you in finalizing your child’s adoption and sort out the paperwork. We will also explain to you the types of adoption available and help you decide which adoption will work for your child.

If you are the biological parent, we can help you understand your rights and how you can provide your consent if you wish to get your child adopted because of your current circumstances. We can also help you reach out to your adopted child and sort your record with the Department of Children and Families. If you wish to claim paternity for a child, we can also assist you with the process and determine what rights you have.

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Indian Rocks Adoption Lawyer clearwater logo 1 opt 300x84Here at The Law Office Of Kerya L. Koeut, P. A. in Indian Rocks, FL, we are committed to helping you get the best legal assistance in your time of need. We will sit down with you to know what we can do to help and guide you through the entire legal process. We will also do our best to prepare you for all eventualities and make the best legal choice for you and your family.

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