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Domestic Violence Attorney- Clearwater, FL

Domestic Violence Attorney- Clearwater, FL domestic violence 1 300x199Are you a victim of domestic abuse and violence?

Are you under threat of spousal abuse?

If the answer is yes, then know that there is an immediate legal remedy to ensure that you are protected.

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Obtaining Legal Protection from Abuse

attorney assisting with filing for injunctionThat remedy is called an injunction, which is also commonly known as a restraining order. If granted by the court, the injunction will prohibit contact between the person in danger and the suspected assailant.

While injunctions can be filed at a moment’s notice, courts tend to grant them only if evidence of an incidence or a threat is apparent. Temporary injunctions are usually the first step. The injunction can be made to be permanent once strong evidence is presented showing a true threat.

Dedicated Assistance & Support

Domestic Violence Attorney- Clearwater, FL clearwater logo 1 opt 300x84Since this can be a very sensitive matter, the domestic violence lawyer handling your domestic violence case must thoroughly study and analyze the situation to determine true threat and the evidence that will support the threat.

Our lawyers are experienced in such matters. They can file injunctions on your behalf and strategize the next processes for you should you need it. They can also help you counter any injunction that have been wrongly filed against you.

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