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Clearwater Child Custody Modification

As time goes by, situations change. You may find that you are in need of modifications to your parenting plan, or that you would like to relocate. Each of these can involve the court, and should be discussed with your Clearwater attorney prior to action being taken.

Your Relocation Rights

You are free to relocate within a 50-mile radius of your current location without any legal involvement. However, if it is necessary or desirable for you to relocate, with or without your children, further than 50 miles, the court and other parent must be involved. This is only applicable if you have access to your children as part of a time sharing agreement. The court is the only one who can grant you permission to relocate and can grant expedited requests, however, this process can still move slowly. It is imperative for you to seek legal guidance as soon as you begin considering relocation.

Parenting Plan Modification

Modification of your parenting plan can also be expected over time. Children grow and their interests and hobbies change, so it is only natural that time sharing would change as well. There may also be modification regarding child support obligations as your financial situation changes. Often, this is easily resolved between the parties as it is obvious that a change is needed. However, this is not always the case. In this situation, there would need to be proof of a substantial, unanticipated change in circumstances which requires the adjustment, and that the adjustment would be in the best interests of the child before the court would consider granting the proposed change.

Professional Legal Assistance

Regardless of why you are relocating, or need modification of your time-sharing, parental responsibility, or child support obligation, it is always best to first understand what you are facing. Speaking with one of the qualified Clearwater attorneys of Cairns Law will not only help you to understand your options, but will provide you with an honest and upfront analysis of your case.

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