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divorce attorney and family law firm in Clearwater, FLDivorce is a legal process a couple who wishes to separate take as a final resort because of the money and paperwork involved in sorting it out. It will also cut down the benefits you may be getting from your spouse, such as health insurance and social security.

Fortunately, there is the option of undergoing legal separation. Legal separation enables couples to live separately while organizing child support and sort out the property while staying married. Since you are still married, you can still receive social security and health benefits for the family.

Here at The Law Office Of Kerya L. Koeut, P. A., we specialize in family law and help you understand how each case will proceed. We will also answer your inquiries and help you during your court case, preparing you for all the possible results that can occur.

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Legal Separation in Florida

Clearwater Legal Separation Lawyer bench nature love people 50592 300x198Unfortunately, legal separation is not recognized in Florida for couples who wish to separate from their spouses without undergoing a divorce. Instead, Florida couples can request for court-adjudicated agreements to sort child support and alimony without undergoing a divorce.

There are also other alternatives to legal separation in Florida, and they are:

  • Separation agreement – this agreement is similar to a legal separation because it details everything you have agreed upon for the separation.
  • Petition for support – This petition allows the spouse to receive child support and alimony without requesting for divorce.
  • Postnuptial agreements – This is often drafted before a couple is married. In this agreement, it lists down the terms and conditions of asset division, alimony, and debt, as well as support for the children.
  • Limited divorce – In this situation, partners can activate it if there were instances of desertion, cruelty, and other similar acts. The court will determine where the child will stay and the visitation terms for the non-custodial parent. The support amount will also be determined.

If the couple does proceed with the divorce, all the agreements done in the separation proceedings will be nullified. The court will review the case again and see how everything can be distributed and protect their child’s rights.

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asset division clearwater flThe Law Office Of Kerya L. Koeut, P. A. is a trusted Clearwater law firm that has been working with families undergoing legal battles. Our lawyers know every aspect of Florida family law and help clients handle the issues that will arise in child custody, divorce, legal separation, and other related cases such as enforcement, relocation, and asset distribution.

Our lawyers will walk you through the entire legal process, look at your circumstances and create the strategy that will allow you to get the best possible agreement for you, your spouse/ex-spouse and your children. The team will also ensure that you are prepared and know what to expect in the case.

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Clearwater Legal Separation Lawyer clearwater logo 1 opt 300x84Every legal battle you find yourself in can change your life, especially if you do not know how to go around it. With the help of our experienced lawyers at The Law Office Of Kerya L. Koeut, P. A., you will be able to make an informed legal decision as the team can answer all the inquiries you may have regarding the case. We will sit down with you to know your case circumstances to see how we can represent you in the family court.

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