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Having Kerya represent me was the best decision I ever made when it came to my child support and time share rights case. As a single father I was completely unaware of the many areas surrounding time sharing law in the state of Florida. Kerya was able to convince the court to award me nearly a 50% time share with my son’s mother. A very infrequent occurrence in most states. Kerya helped get me the time I wanted with my son.



Hiring Ms. Koeut was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She has represented me both ethically and aggressively. She is a great listener and thusly, always understands my needs and the direction I want to go with my family law case. Her knowledge of the law and experience has provided me with answers and results through every facet of my case. During court appearances I routinely became nervous. Kerya always reassured me and that was something for which I am very grateful. The assistance she has given me has been invaluable. Kerya Koeut truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a family law attorney.​

- Bradley Ashby
Ashby Entertainment, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL


My name is Nickole Glover and this is my story of Kerya Koeut as my adoption attorney.​ ​The birth mother had just chosen me and my head was spinning. It was the end of the year in December 2008 and my daughter was due at the end of January 2009. Many attorneys I called wanted nothing to do with me because the baby was due in a month and it was the holidays. ​I remember this day like it was yesterday, my last attempt to hire an attorney was Kerya due to her location being somewhat of a distance from my home and when I called her late in the afternoon asking for her assistance in adoption I thought for sure she would not answer the phone and would probably be starting her holiday with her family. Boy was I shocked. ​Kerya herself answered her phone and listened to my story. She immediately scheduled an appointment with me for the following week and took the time to speak with me and told me what I needed to get together prior to our meeting. ​ Through my adoption process Kerya was with me along the way as an attorney and someone who cared and helped me. Kerya helped me every step of the way. Every question, concern, or issue I had she helped me with. If I had to describe her I would use these words, sharp, helpful, caring, and amazing. If it wasn’t for Kerya I would not have my beautiful daughter. To this day I am still in contact with her. I send her pictures of my family and call her when I need assistance. I consider at times adopting again and without a doubt I will use her again. She is an amazing attorney and person. ​I will close with this… ​​When my daughter was born3 weeks early Kerya met me at the hospital as my attorney but she stood by me as a friend, she showed me how to swaddle my daughter and even helped me put her into the car seat because I didn’t know how to do it. When I got home that evening panic set in. I asked myself when do I feed her and how much do I feed her? I was a new mom and had no clue. Without hesitation I picked up the phone and I called Kerya because I knew she was a mother. Kerya walked me through everything and when I hung up the phone I had a feeling relief and my new life and journey as a mother began. That to me touched my heart in more ways than I could ever explain or express. Thank you, ​

- Nickole Glover
Blessed with a beautiful and amazing little girl with the help of Kerya Koeut.

Family Law attorney

I hired Kerya Koeut in 2013 and I’ve been so pleased with that decision ever since. I’ve been involved in a very convoluted and extensive child custody battle but once Kerya stepped in all outstanding issues were resolved being for her competence, persistence, and outstanding law knowledge. We had numerous hearings in front of Judge and she was always well prepared, very passionate and dedicated. I am very grateful to Kerya because with her assistance we finally achieved a time sharing schedule that actually works. If you are looking for an attorney, I highly recommend Kerya, she is very efficient and well worth it! Also, great personality.

- Anonymous


Hiring Mrs Koeut was the best decision I made during my divorce proceedings. When I felt there was no hope left, she stepped up and showed me that the fight was not over. Every time there was an issue, she was right beside me. Her hard work and dedication shows through in her work. I was awarded sole parental responsibility of my two children. I can not thank her enough for saving my children.

- Zachary

Responsive, knowledgable and effective!

Kerya is a wonderful lawyer - immediately responsive to all my questions, helpful with her insightful advice, and gets the job done without a hassle! After 2 other lawyers, I am so happy I found her, I refer her to all my friends. This is the 4th time I've used her services dealing with a crazy ex-husband, and am so glad she's on my side!

- Jessica

Highly Recommended

Working with Clearwater Family Law has been great. Their communication is superb and they were on it from day 1! Highly Recommended

- Chris Baker

I cannot thank enough this Law Firm for helping me with my child support case.

I cannot thank enough this Law Firm for helping me with my child support case . I would recommend this firm to anyone that needs a family lawyer they make you feel like your problem is theirs. You really feel like you are in the best hands. Thanks again guys.

- Caitlin Leach

Wonderful law firm with very caring people.

Wonderful law firm with very caring people. Extremely thorough and helpful. One of the best family law firms I have even had the pleasure of working with.

- Courtney Potter

This Law Firm are quite simply, the best family law attorneys.

This Law Firm are quite simply, the best family law attorneys. When going through a divorce, you need a law firm, who cares, deeply, about the experience you are having, while taking the lead on the legal matters that can.

- Summer Coates

Pricing was fair, and billing was efficient and clear.

The firm was responsive, efficient, and capable; I was impressed with their clear, effective communication. I would choose them again and recommend them to others. Pricing was fair, and billing was efficient and clear.

- Charlie Stephenson

I feel a little bit of relief knowing that I've retained the right team.

During this difficult time, I feel a little bit of relief knowing that I've retained the right team. Reach out to them and get your free consultation if you ever end up in the unfortunate situation I'm in now.

- Lola Kemp

Great Firm!

Great Firm! Professional and always conscience of your funds during the entire process.

- Holly Dodd

Very happy of the result.

The firm were very helpful with getting me my son in a difficult spot, they were able to explain everything to me in a way that I understood. Thank you. Very happy of the result too.

- Tilly Sykes

Thank you Clearwater Family Law.

The team delivered like true professionals and crushed the people that were abusing my family in court. Thank you Clearwater Family Law.

- Francesca Harvey