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Child Support & Paternity

Child Custody Attorneys Who Care

In Florida, the word “custody” is not recognized, but instead consists of two components- Parental Responsibility and Time Sharing.

Parental Responsibility is the division of decision making authority between the two parents. This is often shared equally, but in some cases, one parent is given the right to make the deciding vote in important decisions such as education and health care of the child.

Time sharing relates to how much time the child spends with each parent. This is truly defined on a case by case basis, with no standard in place. Each family has unique needs, and the court recognizes that and expects the family to be able to establish a plan that works for both parents, as well as the child.

In both instances, the focus is on the child’s best interests, and what is possible. We work towards a resolution that is not only possible, but also sustainable. We believe that this type of resolution is more likely to be permanent, and less likely to lead to future litigation. This not only reduces your stress, but also that of the children involved.

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